25+ Celebration

What started out as two people, has transitioned into 25+ people in 25+ years.


Cumulative, most of us have: swam 2.4, biked 112, ran 26.2 (miles). Stephen just does it all in one day, in around 10/hrs, repeatedly!

Stephen Biking

We remember the day Tony brought in his Espresso maker. Now, we can’t imagine life without a daily fresh cup of delicious!

Tony the Barista

Note: When someone says “hair on fire” typically, it’s figurative. When Stephen yells, “I set the house on fire” he means it.

House on Fire

An excellent artist for 40+ yrs.Turnbaugh has created art for L2. L2 also helped him to learn the computer – 10+ years! Go Paul!

Paul Turnbaugh


If you haven’t heard the story of how L2 started, it’s a good one. One day, Tammy woke up and told Stephen “We’re starting our own business and we’ll call it Lynch Squared.” And they did.  

L2 25 Years


Our team grew from just Tammy and Stephen, to a single computer “geek”, to a whole team of designers, engineers and other wonderful individuals who have journeyed with us not only for work, but in marriages and babies and life. L2 has become much more than just the Lynch's. More than just 2. What started out as two people, has transitioned  into 25+ people in 25+ years. With this in mind, we made the transition from Lynch2 into L2 Interactive.

Just like our start, our growth has been organic. We’re driven by the needs of our clients. Innovation and forward thinking, with you in mind, has been what has gotten us to where we are now. We look to you and to your needs, to show us where to grow.

Tammy and Stephen started out by training designers how to use ‘design to print’ software, which evolved into CD-Rom development, web design and e-commerce sites, working with Tessitura, and much more. eRube was created because a client wanted to manage their own content. mail2 was started because we saw a need for a better Tessitura integrated email marketing tool. cloud2 PCI compliant hosting was developed because we wanted to allow our clients to focus on what they do best. 

In celebration, throughout this 25th year, L2 is sharing some of our history mixed with a few of our team's favorite memories. Photos will be included for entertainment, as well as, to try to understand why (at the time) we thought the hairstyles from the 80's and 90's were so cool.

Thank you. The story of L2 would be completely different if it wasn’t for you. 



Meet Kevin’s dog Sweetie. She lives up well to her name, and loves to play with everyone in the office. She will also let you rub her belly all day long!


Our Tessitura Integrated Email Marketing tool, mail2, just turned 4! It’s grown to 150+ clients in over 6 countries!


Meet Brian’s dog Jack. He loves chasing anything and everything, but he’s partial to birds. He’s also the softest dog you’ll ever pet.

Jack and Brian

This is our 6th year as a major sponsor of the Tessitura Learning and Community Conference!

TLCC2015 Conference

We launched our first ecommerce site, GenDerm, in 1994. One product they sold was Zostrix which is still around today.

Zostrix by GenDerm

Meet Dennis. Full time designer, part time beatboxer.


Did you know that 15 years ago we rolled out our own content management tool?!

eRube Logo

Meet Violet. She loves constant hugs, tennis balls, and watching her own ear shadows.


Meet Jana. This year she celebrated her 15th year with L2!


We created eRube thanks to our client A.T. Kearney. They wanted a better content management tool, so we made one.

A.T. Kearney

Meet Rose. She’s the youngest of the Lynch family dogs and it shows!


Thankfully computers have come a long way since the late 80’s!

Mac Portable

Daisy was a part of our family from 2000 to 2014. We miss you, Miss Daisy. No sandwich was ever truly safe with you around.

Miss Lynch

Almost 23 years ago Tammy’s water broke in a meeting. Now, we have Sydney, our mail2 product support specialist.

Baby Sydney

Do you remember Y2K? We sure do. We helped some of our clients prepare for the end! Thankfully, it didn’t come to that.

Y2K is coming

Meet Delaney, our summer time receptionist. We’ve known her since she was 6!

Six Year Old Delaney

Stephen working late into the night on a Macintosh SE/30 in 1989 before we had our first office.

Stephen Lynch and his Macintosh SE/30

Beowulf, Brian Ehlers’ dog, was part of the L2 family from 2001 to 2014. We miss you Wolfy and your happy, fluffy tail.

Beowulf Ehlers

We love holidays! They’re a break from our computers and always have themed snacks involved. Here we are for Halloween 2006.

Halloween 2006

We hired our first employee in 1990. He was also the pizza delivery guy.

Pizza delivery guy

Tammy at our first office in downtown Elgin in February 1991.

Tammy Lynch at L2 office 1991

In 1991 we spent $10,000 on a cd press. Stephen bought one for $30 last week.

CD Press CDs

Stephen at our first office in downtown Elgin in February 1991

Stephen Lynch at L2 office 1991

Meet Jack Lynch. He’s our front desk man, fountain pen aficionado, and Stephen’s dad. He also has the shortest commute.

Jack Lynch