L2 Launches ResU

A Study in Site Architecture and User Experience



ResU Homepage


Back to Basics

This partnership gave L2 Interactive the opportunity to think objectively about how carefully planned site architecture and well defined user experiences could be utilized to effectively communicate to multiple audiences in one space.

To do this, we went back to the basics, letting ResU's original objectives and target audiences serve as the building blocks for how the site architecture and user experience would be defined. The objectives were straightforward. They wanted to provide clear information about the school and programs to their current constituent groups as well as market to potential students and employees. In addition, ResU also needed forms to communicate with their donors and alumni, and families of students.

Reinforcing Clear Connections for Everyone

Working closely with ResU with our roadmap in place, we created a simple, seamless framework to provide clear connections for everyone. Within this framework, L2 Interactive infused the site design with energy, using large, colorful imagery and video, a news and social media bar, and a bright, vibrant color palette. We wanted the site to feel like a living, evolving social event for students, teachers and alumni as if they were interacting with and connecting to each other on campus.


Case Study: The Potential Student

Now, lets look at how these connections are facilitated through site architecture, design, and the News Bar for one of ResU's primary constituencies, the potential student.

Site Architecture

At first glance, the home page illustrates a clear path for all current and potential audiences through the simple top navigation bar. This provides direct access to the admissions process, information on all of the academic programs offered, and information on financial aid through the Admissions, Academics, and Cost & Financial Aid tabs. Potential students can see all the information they need without ever navigating away from the home page.

ResU Site Chart



Infused into the design of the site are marketing messages, seen throughout the scrolling, energetic full-bleed images.  These images serve to capture attention and provide a short path for the potential student to connect and interact with ResU's offerings.

ResU Responsive Design


News Bar

Upon scrolling down, the potential student is introduced to snapshots of current events, news articles, demographic information, social media, staff profiles, and a quick links in the News Bar.  Designed to emulate connections made on campus, this solidifies the potential student's connection to ResU, and encourages continued interaction with site content.

News and Stats Bars