Enhanced Patron Communication

Integrated Surveys & Special Activity Registration

Way more than just a new feature

mail2™ now offers Tessitura integrated Surveys & Special Activity Registration as a premium feature. Survey & Registration data is stored in Tessitura and affiliated with constituent records in real time as patrons respond.


Imagine the possibilities

We provide a custom screen for Surveys along with the questions and results of the survey. The data is available to you for handling in any way you’d like: Custom reporting, interest or attribute updating, CSI generating, record flagging, T-Stats cubing, event registering, pizza baking, origami making, and more. The sky is the limit - let us help you fly with Tessitura integrated surveys.


In case you didn't already know

mail2 is a next generation email marketing solution that excels in price, features, Tessitura Software® integration and redefines the future of email marketing to your patrons.

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Stephen Lynch
Vice President
L2 Interactive