Website Split Testing

Shift from "We Think" to "We Know"

split2™ enables you to split your web pages into multiple versions to find out exactly what works best for your patron user experience. Optimize your website to exceed your goals by implementing split2 A/B or multivariate experiments.


Typical day at the office

How many times have you been in a marketing meeting where you and your co-workers may have a hunch about how site visitors would respond to certain design elements? A/B testing allows you to show random visitors two versions of the same page and let their actions determine the winner. Experiments take the guesswork out of website optimization and enable decisions that shift business conversations from “we think” to “we know.” Constantly testing and optimizing your pages and paths can increase revenue, donations, leads, registrations, downloads, and user generated content, while providing your team with valuable insight about their visitors.


Start simple and see the power

Don’t just go with the flow, let us test it! split2 is perfect for any clients wanting to unlock patron insights, convert more shoppers, collect more email addresses, boost engagement and increase discoverability.

Getting started is easy

Communicate your goals and we’ll build experiments tailored to the needs of your organization. You’ll get immediate access to the results that move you from “We Think” to “We Know”. In the end, it’s about creating the best user experience for your patrons.

Stop into our demo room, Nob Hill A, to learn how split2 can work for your organization.


Stephen Lynch
Vice President
L2 Interactive