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In 1925, The War Memorial Auditorium was built in Nashville. This exquisite performance venue is truly elegant and versatile.

The historic War Memorial Auditorium is located in the heart of downtown Nashville and sits directly in front of the Tennessee State Capitol. The auditorium's 66’0” x 52’0” crescent-shaped stage, where several live albums have been recorded, contributes to its superb acoustics. 

This auditorium is a multipurpose space, and offers the flexibility of theatrical, cabaret, and banquet seating. It can accommodate a maximum seating capacity of 400 on the orchestra level. Maximum seating capacity in the theatrical configuration is 1,661, total capacity in the open floor configuration is 1,789.


Foundation+ World-class features are the building blocks

tessitura foundation

Upon a solid foundation, great things shall be built. You can expect a lot from our foundation of Tessitura integrated features including account creation, log-in, patron preference management, single ticket sales, subscriptions, renewals, "choose your own" subscription packages, donations, select your own seat, gift certificates, promo codes and so much more. We provided a foundation for the War Memorial Auditorium website so our time could be spent building the features that took their site to the next level.


Creative Design Breaking an institutional mould

creative design

The Tennessee Performing Arts Center was looking for a groundbreaking new style for the growing WMA rock venue. This would be something fresh and new for TPAC. The style of the site was viewed as critical to its success in order to reach younger audiences. Through extensive market research and competitive analysis, we were able to provide a design that captured both the historic essence of the venue and the edgy programming that would be presented.


Round Up Change is good, it makes cents


The Tennessee Performing Arts Center knew that if they made donating easy enough, more people would do it. Every penny counts when you are a non-profit, and finding new donors can be challenging. Round-up giving rose to the challenge and returned on its investment many times over. Simply by asking patrons if they'd like to round up their ticket purchase to the next $10, TPAC exponentially increased their first-time donor base and raises the equivalent of several significant contributions annually. We call it "couch money" because for TPAC, it's like lifting up their cushions every morning and finding $54.79 - 365 days a year.

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Integrated Media Galleries Reuse, re-purpose, recycle

integrated media

Many organizations use YouTube and Facebook for distributing photos and videos. While that's great for sharing, assets need to be uploaded to multiple locations so that they can also be used on their website(s) - which is time consuming and fragmented. Facebook albums and YouTube playlists are natively supported within the erube2 content management system, allowing WMA to leverage their video, photography, and audio across all their digital outlets without the labor of managing files in multiple places. The website galleries are quickly built using a simple drop-down menu of playlists and albums from WMA's social media sites. Click, select and go!


Google Maps Location, Location, Location

google maps

Everybody loves a night out on the town. Sometimes finding just the right place to make the evening special can be hard, so TPAC set out to create a "Plan Your Visit" section of recommended restaurant and hotel partners to help patrons find the perfect "night out." The eRube2 content management system easily integrates with Google Maps' API to draw maps with custom pin drops based on partner addresses, all managed easily by TPAC's marketing team without our help. Dynamic map drawing? Check. 


Hosting 24x7x365 up-time is essential


L2 Interactive provides the War Memorial Auditorium with a world-class hosting experience. It includes monitored redundant server environments to ensure maximum availability, disaster recovery options based on the priority level applied to their business assets and our PCI certified card holder environment for secure credit card transactions. The elastic cloud environment is dynamically scalable for traffic surges and includes application layer monitoring to optimize speed and performance. Many of these services are part of our cloud2 product.