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Zurich knows tech - your tech. Their broad portfolio of risk management products can help your technology business operate and grow with confidence.

In the ever-changing world of technology, a traditional insurance program that covers the risks your company faces today is simply not enough. As your business grows and encounters new exposures from data security and privacy concerns, global competition, supply chain disruption and more, your solution must grow along with you. Zurich’s dedicated technology team

is well acquainted with the evolving nature of the technology industry, including current trends and emerging risks. Working with you and your broker, they look at your company’s risks in the context of your unique business goals and develop a seamless insurance solution that is carefully tailored to your risk tolerance.


Vertical Market Website Targeted to brokers and corporate customers

Zurich Website Design

Believe it or not there was a time not long ago when the business world wasn't familiar with the idea of specific insurance for their technology needs. The Zurich Technology Insurance website was designed and built as a communication tool specifically for brokers and corporate customers. It was an educational tool to build awareness and provide answers. The navigation options, organization of information and specific content was developed to meet this goal.


Mobile Since 2006  Mobile before mobile was cool

Zurich Mobile Website

Due to the monthly website usage reports we provided Zurich, data was uncovered that identified heavy access to the Zurich Technology website using Blackberry devices. In response, we created a mobile version of the website that exposed specific content in a mobile friendly manner. We promoted this new mobile feature via an email to their technology brokers. As a result, we saw an increase in traffic using mobile devices. It started out as Blackberry phones and evolved into iOS devices over time.


Lead GenerationClient self assessment leads the way

Zurich Lead Generation

L2 Interactive was challenged to design and develop an on-line self assessment tool. The tool would be based on how supply chain disruption has the potential to severely impact profits and value. The end users were presented with a series of 10 questions. They used a sliding scale to indicate how prepared their organization was at the time. Based on the answers of the self assessment, a final screen was presented that provided the client with the action required in order for their company manage their supply chain risks. The resulting data was captured and communicated back to the Zurich brokers as self qualified leads.


Branding Internal communications program

Zurich Branding

Zurich was undergoing a fundamental change internally with an overhaul of their existing corporate systems. This change needed to be communicated in a way that was engaging and showed the promise of the new systems all with the goal of encouraging adoption by making everyone part of the project. Internally, it was know as CUFE (...your guess is as good as ours...). It was a corporate acronym. Our job was to make it real. We needed to make it mean something and inspire the employees to believe in the change and get behind the effort. We developed 4 creative concepts for the campaign - "Up", "Cue", "Next" and "Arc". Download the PDF to view our branding presentation.

Download the PDF


eMail Marketing Communications targeted to the site audience

Zurich eMail Marketing

As part of the overall services we provided Zurich, we managed their Technology Insurance email list along with the design, development, testing and deployment of the monthly emails, alert announcements and quarterly giveaways. The content of these emails were tied directly with the publication of new content on the website. The email and the website worked hand in hand to provide a cohesive well planned approach.


White Papers Thought leadership on tech insurance

Zurich White Papers

On a monthly schedule, L2 Interactive was responsible for working with key content experts throughout the Zurich organization. Our job was to interview, primarily through a recorded phone conversation and extract the information to develop a White Paper that would be added to the website. This content created a position of authority on the topic of Technology Insurance. As a result, we have been developing White Papers for other groups within the Zurich organization.


Hosting 24x7x365 up-time is essential


L2 Interactive provided Zurich with a world-class hosting experience by providing server up-time reliability that was monitored and included disaster recovery options based on the priority level applied to their business assets. This was all done while providing a secure environment for protecting broker and customer information.