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User driven decisions using A/B split testing

Product Highlights


Why Split Test

L2 Interactive has been saying for some time now that split testing is “the way to go” if you want your web site to be as profitable and effective as possible. Split testing allows you to gather real data on your visitor behavior and then apply the results to improve the web site. Your web site shouldn't be a static asset. You shouldn't just build it and forget it. Web sites evolve and your customers evolve. Stay on top of their needs by testing, testing, testing. With split2, you can improve and stay ahead of the curve.

Unlock The Potential

Split testing doesn't need to be rocket science. Starting with simple tests and then moving up to more complex testing is a great approach to unlocking the potential. There is a great deal of knowledge in understanding your customers behavior. The split2 platform provides our clients with a fast and easy way to conduct simple website testing yet it has advanced tools for geo-targeting, multi-page funnel testing, custom visitor segments and more. split2 shortens the concept to execution cycle.

Thinking Ahead

At L2 Interactive, we are always looking out for what is next. We are always thinking about our clients and their needs. split2 is just another example of an advanced service that we are bringing to our clients to help them stay out in front of the technology curve. With split2, you can have access to your own dashboard to run your own experiments or we can work with you on a consulting basis to develop a complete test plan that includes setting up experiments and analyzing the results.


Strategic Partnership An industry leader in multivariate split testing

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We chose Optimizely as our partner for several reasons. First, their tools are easy to use and their reporting is second to none. Second, we can provide our clients their own dashboard. Third, they have an agency program that allows L2 Interactive to offer advanced value added features not available otherwise. Finally, we can provide the consulting services to go along with a great tool-set to provide our clients with a unique service offering that can significantly enhance their website.


Experiments Shift from “we think” to “we know”


How many times have you been in a marketing meeting where you and your co-workers may have a hunch about how site visitors would respond to certain design elements? A/B testing allows you to show random visitors two versions of the same page and let their actions determine the winner. Experiments take the guesswork out of website optimization and enable decisions that shift business conversations from “we think” to “we know.” Constantly testing and optimizing your pages and paths can increase revenue, donations, leads, registrations, downloads, and user generated content, while providing your team with valuable insight about their visitors.


split2 testing is becoming part of every project we design and develop. It allows our customers to see immediate results when comparing two competing directions. It validates or negates our 'hunches'. It gets our clients real world results.

Dennis Basch
L2 Interactive, Designer

Consulting Services You have questions, we have answers

consulting services

Getting started is easy. We have found the best place to start is with the goals and objectives for a particular page or web path. We then utilize analytics to key in on areas for possible improvement. Our consulting services will guide you through the complete process.

Step 1: Determine the page or path you want to test
Step 2: Design and create experiments
Step 3: Setup goals for tracking
Step 4: Target and allocate
Step 5: Launch, watch and analyze


Competitively PricedFrom self serve to white glove service


split2’s monthly pricing levels get you access to your own personal dashboard to view and manage your experiments. The costs are based on how many visitors you want to test your experiments for the month - 10,000, 25,000, 50,000, 100,000, 200,000 visitors and higher. A smaller organization may be fine with a lower level, while a larger organization may need more. Basic training and support are both included in the monthly fee. Advanced training and experiment consulting, designing, deploying and reporting are quoted on a project-by-project basis. Contact us today to find out how a split2 monthly plan can improve your patron experience and increase the return on your website investment.