A comprehensive suite of services


Strategy & PlanningThis is where the fun begins

strategy and planning

We love ideas. L2 Interactive's level of participation in your organization's strategic planning can vary depending on your overall goals. We are often integral participants in pan-organizational, long-term strategic planning sessions for many clients. For others, we facilitate specific short-term, boutique or micro site projects. As our clients' "soup-to-nuts" online solution architect and implementer, our involvement is crucial for success. In the end, our participation in the upfront critical thinking helps L2 Interactive understand the goals and deliver targeted messaging with the best technical approach.


Project ManagementTender loving care with a dose of reality

project management

The technical definition of Project Management is the discipline of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals. The human side of Project Management is that every project needs a caretaker, someone to manage the processes, keep people headed in the right direction and help get it across the finish line. Our agile approach to project management provides our clients flexibility and a quality product, while balancing the project management triangle of scope, cost and schedule.

The people at L2 Interactive are true artisans and experts in the digital and online sphere. The L2 team not only offers the peace of mind that the project will be executed with strategic thinking and attention to every detail- they are also a lot of fun to work with!

Jeff D

Creative DesignAt this point, our hands are getting dirty

creative design

The creative process is a combination of structure and out-of-the-box thinking. Our art directors and designers start by immersing themselves in our clients products and services. We do this through strategic planning, document review, competitive research, and digging in with clients to obtain relevant domain knowledge about their industry. Next, the green-light sessions open the floodgate of ideas and lead to pre-concepting. The cohesive results start to show in the hard-core concepting stage. The fine details are worked out through revisions that include user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) testing. All of this is executed with the technical requirements, clients needs and our past experience in mind. The end result is on-target creative.


DevelopmentSmart people creating smart solutions


Developers are typically engaged early in the design process, well before actual engineering takes place. They provide input and guidance during the requirements documentation, throughout the design review process and are available to engage with clients anytime during the project. Our approach of having our developers communicate directly with clients helps create thoughtful and technically savvy solutions. Clients tell us how much they appreciate the opportunity to understand the thinking behind our solutions. We have been using this approach for over 20 years.


ContentContent is still king


In 1996, Bill Gates said,  "Content is king." Since then, services such as YouTube, Instagram, and Popurls have surged to the forefront of the web because of their roles as content aggregators. Today, we still believe that content is king with 20 years of experience to prove it. Our content development services can help you with copy writing (everything from white papers to 100+ page websites), photography of products and people, technical illustrations or stylized concepts and video for television or web.


AdvertisingShout it from every hill and mountain top


L2 Interactive creates advertising programs for both print and online—keywords, banner ads, rich media, and social network ads. We plan and manage ad buys, develop weekly/monthly reports and make adjustments to the programs in concert with overall program objectives. Our goal is to get our clients the most qualified traffic using the budget available, whether it's $100/week or $10,000/day. We can create programs that include sweepstakes, online and traditional ad buys, email marketing and video marketing. Next, we can fine tune the program with niche marketing and geotargeting to ensure money is being well spent, and reaching your most valuable prospects. Each element of the media mix is planned with the intent of meeting the goals you set at the beginning of the campaign, be that increased engagement, upward sales, or broader exposure. 


HostingNorth, South, East and West


L2 Interactive provides our clients with a world-class hosting experience. It includes monitored redundant server environments to ensure maximum availability, disaster recovery options based on the priority level applied to their business assets and our PCI certified card holder environment for secure credit card transactions. The elastic cloud environment is dynamically scalable for traffic surges and includes application layer monitoring to optimize speed and performance. Many of these services are "off-the-shelf" features of our cloud2 product.


Maintenance & SupportWe're here for the long term

maintenance and support

L2 Interactive is here when you need us, we've been around for 25+ years. If you prefer to be independent, that is fine, too. We work the way you want to work. Some of our clients manage and update their website and we rarely hear from them during the day-to-day changes. Other clients, outsource the complete website project, including updates and changes to our team. Our approach to support is flexible and we can craft a support plan that fits your organizations needs. We're here to serve.