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TLCC 101 Sponsored by L2
Welcome: Stephen Lynch
Sunday 8/6 - 4:00 pm
Coastal: Ballroom Level
L2 Suite of Products Session
Presenter: Stephen Lynch
Tuesday 8/8 - 9:45 am
Naples: Ballroom Level

Web2 Integrates Design + Wordpress + Tessitura


We’ve Been Busy

With 18+ years of direct experience building 50 TNEW and custom Tessitura-integrated websites, the Web2 team understands this unique space. Year after year, our team keeps busy working to innovate, improve, and reinvest in the products that our clients know, love, and value.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Working with L2 and Integrate2 v2

L2 is a partner to Yale in every sense of the word. In the multitudes of projects proposed, sites launched, and transitions completed over the years, the L2 team has always been there to walk our team to the finish line and make sure everything worked as we expected. We value the consistent investments L2 makes into their products and the care and expertise their team consistently provides.

Janna Ellis & George Tinari

David Geffen School of Drama at Yale University

Benefits of New Plugin and Working with L2

Opera Australia’s long standing partnership with L2 is built on the foundation of trust and collaboration. We continually look to L2 to provide solutions for the web that improve the experience for both our patrons and our internal teams. L2 consistently delivers improvements to their suite of products and innovative features for our site.

Phillip Booth & Jasmine Lam

Opera Australia

Partner, Renewals Process, and Integrate2 Upgrade

L2 has been a supportive partner of the San Francisco Ballet for over 13 years. The Web2 team built the last 3 versions of our website. L2 really listens to our needs and builds new features that allow us to execute our plans. I know they’ll be there for us whenever we need their help and support.

Mary Goto & Jane Ann Chien

San Francisco Ballet

Long Term Partner

Woolly has worked with L2 for a long time on maintaining our website, but we are currently in the middle of a website redesign. The folks at L2 have been great about listening to our wants and needs, presenting great options, and responding to the things that are unique about our brand and offerings. I appreciate how smooth the process has been with L2, and look forward to continuing to work with them for years to come!

Rebecca Calkin

Woolly Mammoth

Integrate2 V.2 + Kinsta

Since launching our first site with L2 in 2022, L2 has continually reinvested in their infrastructure and products. We have been pleased with the ease of use of the Integrate2 version 2 plugin, as well as the upgraded hosting with Kinsta. The L2 team is always ready and available to assist us when needed, and we look forward to continuing our partnership for years to come.

Stephanie Derybowski

Colorado Symphony

Longevity of Relationship

From the beginning of our partnership in 2007, L2 has worked with MSO to produce multiple versions of our website and countless custom features. In these years, we have come to rely on L2’s excellent level of service, in-depth Tessitura knowledge, collaborative approach, and the constant reinvestment into their products, including the upgrade to Kinsta hosting and Integrate2 version 2.

Adam Cohen

Milwaukee Symphony

Integrate2 V2

We’ve spent over 2,000 hours building Version 2 of our Tessitura-integrated plugin, which serves as the custom-made glue between Tessitura and WordPress CMS. Even at 2,000+ hours, time flies! Here are highlights of what we achieved:

Simplified, centralized Tessitura data input allows users to pull Tessitura data into the website in one, easy-to-use interface

Increased Tessitura caching makes sites faster and reduces load on clients’ Tessitura instances

Integrate2 v2 features built-in support for TNEW’s Shared Session functionality, allowing TNEW clients increased personalization and capabilities on their marketing sites

L2’s maintenance procedure identifies reported plugin security issues, ensuring plugins are secure and up-to-date

Settings screens and component settings received a visual overhaul for better user experience

Built-in Tessitura Merchant Services integration simplifies and streamlines web implementations

For high-traffic on-sales and events, Integrate2 clients can choose between a built-in integration with Queue-It or Integrate2’s waiting room solution

Kinsta Hosting

L2 transitioned to Kinsta, a dedicated WordPress host built on Google Cloud Platform’s Premium Tier Global Network, that focuses specifically on WordPress optimization and best practices. Here’s what Kinsta can do:

L2 clients have access to GCP’s leading global infrastructure, high performance routing and speed, and best-in-industry security and stability

L2 expects a boost in overall site performance through high-performance CDNs and edge caching

Dedicated Malware and Support Teams

L2’s maintenance procedure identifies reported plugin security issues, ensuring plugins are secure and up-to-date

Cloudflare firewall integration includes DDoS protection in addition to the IP-based protection provided by the Google Cloud Platform firewall

Container technology enables each WordPress site to run in an isolated and private software container. This ensures that no resources are shared, increasing security and scalability

A Fully-managed hosting environment allows our team to focus on what we do best—building best-in-class Tessitura-integrated sites and features

L2 Learning Suite

Education is a vital part of what we do, so we are taking our training and learning materials up a notch! We are very excited to announce the L2 Learning Suite, which will provide our clients with comprehensive training across the full suite of L2 products. With options for all learning styles and the flexibility to go at your own pace, we are excited to see how this helps our clients grow their knowledge and upskill their teams. We will be rolling this out across our products in the coming months.

L2 Learning Suite