You know your business. We know the terrain.

Full Website Development
Concept through launch

Your website is no longer just for show. It must move your customers toward a transaction, efficiently and elegantly. Our designers, engineers, and project managers work with clients as a tight-knit team to hit all the right notes for a successful website: beautiful brand look and feel, innovative experience, ease of use, fast and reliable performance.

We know what works.

With 30+ years of experience, we know how to deliver a site that meets your customers needs and helps you to reach your goals. We build in WordPress because we want to give you a robust and flexible solution that is easy to maintain and evolve. We provide you with a site that has the potential to grow as your business grows.

Marketing Automation
Expanding opportunities to talk to your customer

Email is just one of many communication channels and in today’s digital ecosystem, is now like suggesting a floppy disk for extra storage; worked back then, not enough now. We move you beyond simple email marketing to include your website, SMS, and social media touchpoints in a connected consumer journey. Prospect2, our custom integration, combines the deep data power of Tessitura with the enterprise-level capabilities of ActiveCampaign. We will train you on Prospect2 and provide full technical support, so your team can deliver smartly: right message, right customer, right time.

We help you to connect the dots.

Your customers expect you to know who they are. Their preferences, history, and relationship with your organization should inform how you talk to them, across all touchpoints. Prospect2 is the tool to make that happen.

Serving the sites we build

We wouldn’t build you an awesome site and then send you into the digital wilderness alone. Our cloud2 service utilizes AWS and includes a monitored redundant server environment, disaster recovery, and dynamic scaling. Each hosted site has multiple environments included: development, staging, live. Nightly automatic backups and server/object caching are among other included features.

We’ve got your back.

This is your business, so why take a chance with someone else? As the people who built your site, we can problem solve beyond AWS support to make sure your site stays up and running at peak performance.

Custom Corporate Websites

Your website is the center of your digital ecosystem

L2 Interactive provides project management, creative design, engineering and cloud hosting for brand and e-commerce sites. In our 30+ year history, we’ve developed creative solutions across many industries, from museums to permanent markers, frying pans to financial services, and much more in between.

We collaborate with your internal marketing department and operations team (or whomever you choose) to revamp your current site, coordinate on-sales events, rollout new features and perform regular maintenance.

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"Automated" doesn’t need to mean "generic"

Email marketing is great, but it’s only a part of the picture. What happens outside of the inbox? You know your patrons are out there, maybe on your website, scrolling through their Facebook feed, or texting friends to make plans for a night out. Will you be there to gently nudge them in your direction?

That’s where marketing automation comes in. Every digital interaction a patron has with your organization is a datapoint that can inform and automatically set into motion a personalized sequence of communication and events. You can trigger emails, texts, site messages, surveys, CSIs, tagging...and that’s just the beginning.

Prospect2 is the first marketing automation platform integrated with Tessitura. Built specifically for arts and culture organizations, Prospect2 helps you automate a seamless digital experience for your patrons by communicating the right content at the right time.

We’ll help you build logic, create paths, and use personalization across email, website, SMS, and social media channels to tailor each patron’s experience to be unique as they (and you) are.

Abandon Cart Emails Predictive Sending Automations Drag & Drop Editor SMS CPP Integration Forms Personalization Conditional Content Hide on Mobile Event RSVP Tessitura Custom Screen Segmentation Labels & Folders CSI Integration

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Let us do the heavy lifting

Your online experience needs to be as artful as your onsite experience. Does your technology help or hinder your patrons from discovering (and purchasing!) all that you have to offer?

With Integrate2, you can build a website that sells your brand as effectively as it sells your tickets. Gain the flexibility to design a site that fits your business model and is as inspiring and accessible as the experience that awaits inside your halls.

Integrate2 is a CMS platform, integrated with WordPress, that simplifies the communication and interaction between Tessitura and your site. We provide customized functionality that can be styled to match your company’s brand and design including: ticket purchases, select-your-own-seat, guest checkout, patron account management, and more. With Integrate2, you get to spend time crafting a flexible, user-focused experience while we handle the technical details.

The Propsect2 team made the transition as easy as possible, they were completely flexible, and worked with our timeline. Prospect2 has elevated the BSO’s interaction rate to an average of 49%. We are delivering smarter and timelier communications.



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