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401K Matching & Profit Sharing

We provide a percentage match and discretionary profit sharing, because we share in our success together.

Responsible PTO

Work happens. Life happens. We offer a flexible, responsible paid time off program that helps to balance work and life.

Remote Work

With approval and some common sense boundaries, we do allow options to work in the office or from your home office, depending on your day i.e. "remote local". We also have team members that are Full remote and see them in-person for larger company functions.

Health Insurance

We pay an employee’s health insurance premium through Blue Cross Blue Shield, so you’ll be ready to train with Stephen for his next Ironman.


miles Stephen has run since 2013


office windows overlooking a golf course


t-shirt designs for past conferences


years young for our receptionist


Can I work from home?

The short answer: Yes. L2 recognizes there are circumstances when it would be beneficial for employees to work at home, either on a permanent basis or in order to complete a particular task. As long as it does not adversely affect your productivity or the efficient operation of the organization, we can make this happen. However, some positions within the organization, by their very nature, do not lend themselves to working at home, so we look at each request on a case-by-case basis.

How do you promote collaboration, given people are working remotely?

Clear and timely communication is key. Project managers and team leaders organize regular stand-up meetings so each employee can share their progress toward goals and identify opportunities for other team members to lend a hand. We also utilize a number of web-based tools (e.g. Slack, Mural, Basecamp, Google Apps) that make it easy to collaborate in real-time. We often make use of video meetings in order to feel like we’re really hanging out in the break room together.

Are you a dog-friendly office?

We love dogs! We usually have a furry four-legged creature or two in our office. Each dog goes through a rigorous interview process to ensure he/she is a team player, clearly communicates his/her needs and doesn’t steal toys.

How do you keep your technology and tools current?

We make intentional investments of money and time to improve the products and services we offer. We found the best way to do this is to have a workforce that is fully engaged and up to date on current tools and trends. Some of our very best ideas come from our employees.

Would I be the sole developer on a project or is a team assigned to the project?

We believe that two (or more heads) are better than one. Our website project team includes some or all of the following: an executive sponsor, a project manager, a business analyst, a designer, and 2-3 development resources.

Is there an onboarding process? How long is it and what does it look like?

Onboarding begins on day one with your orientation to the company. Depending upon your position, onboarding may last four weeks or four months. During this time, you will learn our process and our tools and have the opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills to real work. Feedback from your teammates and manager will guide your learning.

Is there a formal review process?

What we really hope you ask is “Will I get regular feedback to know how I’m doing?” That is the basis for our performance management process. We also conduct a six-month check-in with new employees to ensure the role is a good fit for you and for us. Salary and performance reviews are typically conducted on an annual basis by L2 Leadership.

Is there any travel required?

Depending upon the position, employees may be asked to travel for work to attend internal meetings (typically 1-2 times a year) and occasionally but not regularly for clients. This might include travel to our main office for employee or client meetings, onsite at a client location and/or travel for industry conferences.

Who cleans the office refrigerator?

Who do you think cleans the refrigerator? You clean it if you used it! Please don’t leave chaos in the fridge (or in your code, for that matter) for another team member to clean up. We believe in being accountable for our creations and for our messes. That goes for the refrigerator, as well as your work product.

Positions Available

Web Engineer

Current Opening

We are looking for a Web Engineer to join our engineering team! Opportunity for partial remote in the Chicago area. This position will be responsible for engineering the style and display layers of web solutions, as well as hooking up back-end functionality provided by L2 Interactive.

Do you want to work with a smart team of engineers that develop state of the art websites and digital marketing products? Are you up for the challenge of working on a team that understands the value of personal and professional integrity, accountability and exceptional performance? Success in this role is as much about the chemistry of teamwork and shared values as it is about having the right skills, experience and demonstrated results. This position will be responsible for engineering the style and display layers of web solutions, as well as hooking up back-end functionality provided by L2 Interactive. This position works closely with the design department who will be driving the “look” of the websites and works with other developers responsible for building the server-side components. We are looking for someone with strong programming skills who has learned to apply those skills in the web environment. Agency experience and client-focused work make for a strong candidate. A Bachelors degree in a related field is highly desired.

The ideal candidate has a passion for programming & design, attention to detail, flexibility, an outgoing personality, and the ability to work as part of our team.


  1. WordPress Theme & Plugin development as needed for new site development using HTML, Sass, Javascript, Blade and PHP.
  2. Build interactive site elements such as photo, video, and audio galleries to match specification written in requirement documentation provided by the project manager.
  3. Regularly review and maintain knowledge of programming best practices for accommodating cross-browser support
  4. Style website and site elements to match comps provided by designers and approved by clients
  5. Provide levels of effort and meet documented project timelines and milestones set forth by the Project Managers and clients
  6. Regularly review and maintain knowledge of W3 standards for CSS, HTML and Javascript implementations

Skills Required:

  • WordPress general concepts and structure, plugin & theme development
  • Implement 3rd party and custom WordPress plugin solutions
  • Ability to analyze code, understand implications of change requested and refactor or write code
  • Has used Bootstrap4 and understands differences between older versions
  • General understanding of PHP frameworks and the PHP language; able to write PHP
  • Experience using project & time tracking software
  • Proficiency with Javascript (ES6 a plus)
  • Familiarity with how DNS works and web hosting
  • 4+ years CSS, CSS3, HTML, HTML5, Javascript
  • Using IDEs & browser development tools
  • Media queries and responsive design
  • General concepts and structures of grid systems
  • How to research and solve complex design requirements
  • Source Control (git, GitHub)
  • Composer and NPM

Bonus Points for:

  • frameworks (Bedrock, Sage)
  • Developed using Laravel framework
  • Familiarity with the macOS/Linux command line
  • Vagrant and Virtualbox
  • Yarn and Webpack
  • Experience working with AWS
  • Experience working at an Agency

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