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2 22 22 Flip Clock Image
Happy 2sday 2 you
It’s twice as special when 2/22/22 falls on a Tuesday
It was an unassuming
Tuesday in 1989.
Tammy said to Stephen
"We’re starting a business
and calling it Lynch Squared."

Lynch2 archived Logo
Little did she know squared
would become 2,
then two 2’s,
then three 2’s,
and more.

one 2 two 2 three 2 image
People ask
"What’s with the 2’s?"
Haven’t you heard
2 is greater than one?

It’s 2sweet. Good 2 go.
It takes 2 to tango
(or make a thing go right.)

2 is greater than 1 image
What better number to represent the you and me, the partnership, the collaboration of how we work.

Thank you for being a part of this, too.