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WordPress / TNEW + Custom Sites / Full Service Design / Flexible Content Editing / Hosting

Strategy + Process + Flow

L2 views our clients as partners and collaborators, and this idea forms the foundation of our web strategy. Throughout our entire process — from discovery through launch and beyond — we strive to achieve a shared understanding of the project’s scope and goals to get a clear picture of where we’re heading together. L2’s project management team guides the project’s flow through setting a communication plan, organizing approvals, project changes, due dates, and deliverables to assure that the project remains on track, on time, within budget, and exceeds our client’s expectations. 

Project Kickoff

  • Project Planning
  • Communication Plan
  • Site Architecture
  • Stakeholder Alignment
  • Scope Confirmation


  • Discuss & Gather 
  • Industry Best Practices 
  • Client Approval 
  • Project Schedule Approval

Site Design

  • Design Concepts
  • Navigation Design
  • User Experience
  • Client Approval


  • Front & Back-End Development 
  • Internal Testing 
  • Quality Assurance

User Acceptance Testing

  • Feature Delivery
  • Client Training 
  • User Acceptance Criteria
  • Client Uploads Content
  • Feedback & Tweaks

Site Launch

  • End-to-End Testing
  • Client Sign-Off
  • Transfer Files
  • Site Launch
  • Partnership Continues 


L2 offers a full-suite of design services, including site content optimization, branding, user journeys, concepting and prototyping, and UI design. All sites we build utilize techniques and principles of Responsive Design, meaning your site reformats when viewed on various devices. Our design approach calls upon decades of experience to blend the needs and technical requirements of our clients with industry best practices. Our designers work directly with client teams to assure that the design surpasses expectations and closely with our developers to ensure that the integrity of the design is carried through launch.

Additionally, L2 knows that design and development that benefits those with accessible considerations often ends up benefitting the larger user group.


Review of current site, state of content, and requirements


Site architecture discussion and card sort exercise


Review of brand standards, marketing initiatives and, current design trends


Design compositions based off previous steps of both mobile and desktop views


Informed by our experience and best practices, L2 discovers and develops digital solutions based on client business rules and unique needs. Through clear development milestones, each deliverable within the project schedule is thoroughly tested, optimized, and documented before release for User Acceptance Testing and Launch.  


At L2 we strive to stay current with all of the languages, technologies and best practices in the industry. This includes the latest versions of languages such as PHP, frameworks such as Laravel, and communities within WordPress such as

Internal Quality Assurance

Everything that L2 develops is thoroughly tried and tested by our team before releasing to clients. This is built into our project schedule and enables a more successful, smooth client UAT experience.


L2 conducts formal training sessions for every feature that is released. Training sessions are customized for each client. Written documentation on each feature lives within WordPress, while training videos are cataloged and made available for clients to access on demand.

User Acceptance

UAT testing occurs during each development milestone. During the UAT period, clients test a feature utilizing criteria defined during the initial requirements period. We encourage clients to upload site content as a part of this testing to ensure proper working order.


Before the launch of a feature, L2 guides clients through end-to-end testing to make sure all systems are “go”. The site is then launched at a mutually agreed upon time, initiating a 30-day warranty period for anything that may happen after launch. 


Blank canvases, organizing content, creating the architecture, and working to achieve your goals for a website; your home on the web is a huge accomplishment. We thank you for choosing L2 to build it.

Partners + Integrations

Integrations Integrations

Hosting + Support + Beyond

After launch, L2 continues partnerships with our clients through best-in-class hosting, dedicated service and support, as well as access to our team of designers and developers to discover and launch innovative new features.


Cloud2, L2’s Amazon Web Services-based hosting solution is a secure, scalable environment  that features maximum availability and disaster recovery options. The elastic cloud environment dynamically scales for traffic surges and is optimized for speed and performance.

New Features + Upgrades

Site launch is just the beginning. Post-launch, we pride ourselves on working with clients to dream up smart, affordable solutions that continue to increase value and enhance user experience. We also prioritize keeping websites secure and up-to-date through ongoing Scheduled Development Upgrades that includes WordPress core and plugin updates and security patches. 

Future Proofing

All websites that L2 designs and develops are built to move. Our clean, modern designs are made powerful and sustainable by leveraging WordPress to give clients autonomy and flexibility as they build and update their sites. We continually introduce new technology, build upon our expertise, and evolve to meet and exceed the needs of our clients. 

WordPress + Tessitura

Integrate2 / Custom SYOS Tool / REST API-Integration / WordPress + Tessitura / TNEW + Fully-Custom Sites / Custom WordPress Plugins / Event Registration Solutions / Tessitura Ecosystem Partner / Flexible Content Editing / Custom Subscription Solutions
Sample Image
Sample Image

L2 + Tessitura

Our team has over 18 years of direct experience building 40+ TNEW and fully-custom Tessitura-integrated websites with Web2. We’re also proud to be an Ecosystem Partner with Tessitura for three products: Custom Web Development, TNEW Integration, and Prospect2 Email Marketing Automation.

Custom WordPress Plugins

In addition to our connection to Tessitura, we’ve created custom plugins and post types within WordPress to address unique styling and functionality requests. This empowers organizations to have the flexibility to create complex, on-brand content at any time.

Tessitura Powered Features

Over the years, we have developed a myriad of Tessitura-integrated features, including a custom Select Your Own Seat tool, custom donation forms, custom subscription and renewal paths, class registration, and real-time exchanges. 


Through L2’s Integrate2 plugin, the custom-made glue between Tessitura and WordPress, organizations enjoy simplified, direct management of their website’s connection to Tessitura.