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San Francisco Ballet in Liang's Symphonic Dances. (© Erik Tomasson)

San Francisco Ballet

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The San Francisco Ballet is the oldest professional ballet company in America.

The mission of San Francisco Ballet is to share their joy of dance with the widest possible audience in their community and around the globe. Additionally, they strive to provide a world-class caliber of dance training in their School.

The Ballet seeks to enhance their position as one of the world’s finest dance companies through their vitality, innovation, and diversity, and through uncompromising commitment to artistic excellence based in the classical ballet tradition.


Foundation+ World-class features are the building blocks

tessitura foundation

For the San Francisco Ballet, everything was custom. Without the Foundation, an implementation of "kid tested / mother-approved" core Tessitura features like registration and log-in, single ticket purchase, and package sales, the site would have gone far over budget and missed key launch dates. Using our Foundation, we were able to quickly implement the core features that make a Tessitura-driven website "tick" and customize them to suit the exact needs of the Ballet. This left plenty of time and money to implement the sophisticated business rules and processes that make the Ballet different and maximize the website's utility for their day-to-day operations.


Creative Design What's the pointe you ask? A fresh new look

website design

Our approach to the creative process is a combination of structure and out-of-the-box thinking. Our designers start by immersing themselves in the world of "all things ballet". We achieved this through our own research and client supplied research. The early pre-concepting stage comes next with "anything goes" green light idea sessions. The results start to show in the concepting stage and the details are worked out through revisions after the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) testing is complete. This was executed with the technical requirements, client's needs and our past experience in mind. The end result is a beautifully designed site that serves the organization and their patrons equally.


Without reservation, L2 Interactive is the best Tessitura integrator that I have had the pleasure of working with. L2 Interactive is not a mere vendor. John, Chris and the team will form an immediate partnership that will become intimate with your environment.

Murray B
San Francisco Ballet

Memberships Right time, right ask, right voice.


In today's digital world, recognizing your patrons and the impact of their contributions are of paramount importance to an organization's fundraising success. The San Francisco Ballet was looking for an innovative approach to online membership asks. Our solution pushed personalization to its limits: members are greeted by level, pledges can be made, suggested gift amounts are relevant to patrons' giving and purchase histories, and upgrade asks inform patrons of how they can take their gift to the next level - literally. To finish it off, asks can be launched from any page of their site. Know your patrons, and treat them like you do. 


Choose Your OwnFlexible subscription packages

Choose Your Own Package

Patrons love choice. Providing a simple and intuitive interface that delivers on the promise of choice can be challenging when the options are many and varied. Our "choose your own" package process allows patrons to hand-pick their own custom subscription in a simple, fluid manner. Users select performance, price-point, and seat(s) for each production on their wishlist and have a simple package summary reference throughout the process to see what they've included. Just because it's flexible doesn't mean it needs to be complicated.


Hosting 24x7x365 up-time is essential


L2 Interactive provides the San Francisco Ballet with a world-class hosting experience. It includes monitored redundant server environments to ensure maximum availability, disaster recovery options based on the priority level applied to their business assets and our PCI certified card holder environment for secure credit card transactions. The elastic cloud environment is dynamically scalable for traffic surges and includes application layer monitoring to optimize speed and performance. Many of these services are part of our cloud2 product.