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Marquette Companies


L2 and Marquette Partner for Third Website Redesign

Web Design • Content Organization

Marquette Companies is a multifamily real estate and investment company with in-house capabilities that include acquisition, construction, asset, property, and construction management. Because of this vertically integrated approach, Marquette is able to control all aspects of their investments and offer a holistic approach to both investors and clients alike. Translating the breadth of their offerings to the web with clarity and visual appeal was the charge for L2’s third website redesign project with Marquette. Before any design started, L2 worked with the team at Marquette to revise site content and streamline messaging so the totality of their offerings were clear. With a concise content strategy, L2 utilized story-telling design instead of large text blocks to illustrate Marquette’s business and approach clearly to the end-user.  

To visually evoke Marquette’s business, L2 utilized carefully planned, subtle animations that pan up and down various properties and building sites. The upward growth of this parallax movement gives a sense of dimension that alludes not only to the verticality of the properties that Marquette manages but also evokes something growing or being built.  


“Working with the L2 team was truly a game-changer for the Marquette website. The team provided their creative experience,  understanding of our target market and consumer behavior, an innovative approach to website building, and a no-nonsense approach of project management that kept everything running smoothly and on track. I cannot say enough positive things about this dynamic and talented team, and highly recommend their services to anyone looking to take their website to the next level.”

Mathew MehonDirector of Marketing, Marquette Companies