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Thanksgiving Point

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TNEW Integrated Website Design

Web Design • TNEW Integration • Content Organization

Thanksgiving Point is a community garden, museum, and multi-event space that serves its community through an exhaustive list of both public and private programs throughout the year. The volume and complexity of their offerings necessitated a completely custom, Tessitura-integrated calendar and event list. L2 utilized WordPress and Integrate2 to design and develop a tagging system within the calendar and venue detail pages to showcase and organize venues and programs. Events are color coded and filterable according to venue, allowing patrons to easily book the right program in the right space. This organization and color-coding is carried throughout the site for easy patron wayfinding. As always, L2 seamlessly integrated the TNEW purchase path into the newly designed marketing site to create a cohesive purchase experience for the patron.

Once in the venue, L2 digitized the patron experience by developing an easily accessible page that lets new users create a Tessitura account and pulls up a barcode of existing patrons’ Tessitura Constituent IDs, unlocking any membership benefits available.