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TNEW Template Design


Design and Rebrand e-commerce Website Template

L2 is pleased to partner with Tessitura to design and rebrand their demonstration e-commerce site template. During implementation, L2 worked with the Tessitura team to personalize the site template, highlight Tessitura’s e-commerce functionality, and showcase what is possible within the structure of their platform, TN Express Web (TNEW). L2’s rebrand of their demonstration organization, Summer Ridge Cultural District, helps Tessitura’s potential clients visualize how TNEW can be tailored for seamless integration into their own sites.

To see this template in action and understand how Tessitura’s powerful, flexible e-commerce platform can help your organization, request a demo from their team!

At L2, we have a long history of working with Tessitura-integrated websites (not to mention our Tessitura-integrated Donate2 and Prospect2 products). Our designers and engineers have 20+ years of direct Tessitura web building experience, with 50+ TNEW and fully-custom Tessitura-integrated websites. For more information on our design and web products, schedule a call with our team!