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Woolly Mammoth Theatre

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Custom Sub Image

Custom Subscription Functionality

The standard purchase path to order a subscription can be lengthy and confusing - never mind trying to do it on a smartphone. We crafted Woolly’s process to flow smoothly from step to step, making it easy for patrons to know their options and move toward a complete order. It’s optimized for mobile, so patrons can subscribe anytime, anywhere.

Media Feed

Media Feed Integration

Woolly wanted to balance the company’s recent announcements with evergreen content, so we designed a vertical news feed that lives on every page. This makes it easy to cross-promote to patrons, no matter where they are on the site, and the feed conveniently tucks away on mobile screens.

Custom Event

Custom Event Detail Pages & Related Events

Patrons need a lot of information before pressing that Buy button, and it can be difficult to fit that into a page without creating clutter. We designed a custom Event Detail Page that gracefully displays a variety of content, and also brings in the Related Events that make the Woolly experience next level.